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VIP Day Intensive
Time to Spice It Up 

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A VIP day with Jeanne where we identify your social media strategy,  systems and automation to use to make your life easier, processes to put in place, and get your team ready to spice your social up in-house.

This is perfect for clients who want to do their own social media or are not ready to outsource social media...yet.

We will work with your team to build a cohesive strategic plan, identify systems to implement ,automations, content pillars to follow, hashtag sets for your industry, processes to implement for success.


One week after the meeting,  you will receive 30 days of content examples, captions, and Canva templates that you can use. based on VIP day discussions.

  • Instagram Audit- areas of improvement

  • IG profile makeover - bio, links, + highlights

  • Creation of your content pillars + hashtag sets 

  • Caption Writing  and Engagement workshop for team

  • Systems set-ups

  • 30 Days of Content + a month's worth of Canva templates


$2,250 One-Time Investment to

educate a maximum of 4 team members.


Time to Elevate Your Photos?

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