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The Illusion of Likes: Is Building a Social Media Strategy Solely for Approval Worth It?

Updated: Apr 4

In today's social media landscape, the pursuit of likes and validation has become a fixation. Are you solely focusing on garnering likes while building your social media strategy? Is it truly worth it. Our latest blog post delves into the reasons driving this pursuit, the advantages it can bring, and the wider impact of building your social media plan around the quest for validation via likes.

The Power of Likes

Sure, you can boost your ego and get a sense of validation with likes! You can experience instant gratification and the perception of popularity, and a substantial number of likes can increase engagement and draw attention to your brand. But it's important to consider if solely focusing on likes is in line with the fundamental goals and principles of your digital brand- if your goal is sales- is that happening? Maybe shares and saves are what you want to focus on.

Superficial Metrics vs. Genuine Engagement

Likes may provide a rapid and quantifiable measure of content popularity, but they may not always indicate authentic engagement or the true impact of your message.

Focusing solely on garnering likes through your social media strategy may lead to the creation of superficial, clickbait-style content that prioritizes grabbing attention over cultivating genuine connections. We have all seen the click-bait, right?!

At Tabengin Consulting, we believe that genuine engagement is all about creating meaningful conversations, establishing strong connections, and delivering real value to your followers. We understand that this goes beyond simply counting likes and requires a more holistic approach to social media management.

Psychological Impact

Okay, did you have a post that didn’t get any likes? Don't let your self-worth be determined by those likes. It's important to prioritize your mental health and well-being over social media validation.

Don't fall into the trap of seeking validation from others. It can create a vicious cycle of comparison and stress. We encourage our clients to create content that reflects their passions, interests, and values, rather than getting caught up in the numbers game. Remember, authenticity is what sets you apart from the rest!

The Authenticity Factor

Yes, being genuine is important and we are seeing more of growing appreciation for genuine authenticity and relatable content. Crafting an authentic social media strategy that prioritizes forging genuine connections and delivering valuable content is key to achieving sustained success. Engage authentically to attract an audience that truly resonates with your message in stories, comments, and DMs. This will help foster a loyal community that supports and interacts with your content beyond just likes.

Balancing Metrics with Purpose

Don't just focus on likes! It's crucial to set specific objectives for your social media plan. Identify your goals and aspirations, be it boosting your business, providing expertise, or cultivating your individual image.

Track your success by analyzing different metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions, and the impact you make on your audience's lives.

Align your social media strategy with purpose and focus on providing value to build a sustainable and fulfilling online presence.

Focusing solely on accumulating likes may provide immediate satisfaction and the illusion of popularity, but constructing a social media plan with this as the sole objective is a fruitless endeavor. You want more!

We believe that authentic engagement, building meaningful connections, and sharing content that resonates with your passions and values is the key to unlocking your true potential on social media.

Build an authentic community and provide value to create a lasting impact beyond superficial metrics.

Remember, your worth and impact go beyond the number of likes you receive.

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